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STANDARD BOARDING AGREEMENT THIS AGREEMENT for good and valuable consideration receipt of which is hereby acknowledged dated the day of 20made by and between hereinafter referred to as STABLE providing services as an independent contractor located at and the hereinafter-described horse s. These parties warrant that they have the right to enter into this AGREEMENT. Fees Term and Location In consideration of per horse per month paid by OWNER in advance on the day of each month STABLE agrees to...
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Let's look at what you need to know at the start of a tenancy covered by the Residential Tenancies Act 1986 landlords and tenants must have a written tenancy agreement which is a legal contract there are approved tenancy agreements available on the tenancy services website there are two main types of tenancy agreements is standard tenancy agreement which generally provides for two main types of tenancies a periodic tenancy is an open-ended tenancy that keeps on going until either the landlord or the tenant gets proper notice to English we'll look at giving notice later in the presentation or a sex-change annainsea next we have fixed for a specific term of time for example 12 months before automatically becoming periodic at the expiry of the fixed term unless renewed or extended if agreed by both parties or ended with proper notice then the boardinghouse tenancy agreements and they provide for boardinghouse tenancies these tendencies are unique an have different requirements that apply to them including house rules set by the landlord and provided with the agreement landlords can put their terms and conditions in the agreement these may include things such as whether the tenant is allowed pets or allowed to smoke in the premises or how many people are allowed to live in the premises they cannot discriminate and the renting boss still applies even if a tenancy agreement is not in writing any clauses that go against what the law says such as those that result in a tenant waiving or reducing their rights are unenforceable tenants and landlords should reach an agreement carefully and only find if they both fully understand and agree to the terms and conditions so how do you determine a bawdy-house tenancy let's go to the next slide to find out here are a few points to help you determine whether a tenancy as a standard tenancy or a boardinghouse tenancy the boardinghouse means it's a residential premises and contains one or more boarding rooms along with facilities for communal use by the tenants of the boarding house so that could mean they'd be sharing the kitchen and bathroom facilities it's occupied or intended by the landlord to be occupied by at least six tenants at any one time boarding has also means that it's a residential tenancy in a boarding house that is intended to or that it does affect lasts for 28 days or 1 under which the tenant has granted exclusive rights to occupy particular sleeping quarters in the boarding house and has the right to the shared use of facilities of the boarding house while the rights and responsibilities are largely the same for boarding house tendencies as they are for standard units ease the renting Lord does have specific provisions for boarding houses that is different from standard tenancies so say for example there are shorter notice periods to terminate and the ability to make boarding house rules the requirements that apply to boarding house tendencies are set out in part 2a of the Residential Tenancies...